We are committed to providing you with professional Paper Marking Machine solutions! Guided by the international and domestic markets, we will continue to develop and expand the scale of the company, improve the quality of Paper Marking Machine,Paper Marking Laser Machine products, and establish a complete quality assurance system and production management system. We insist that the quality standard of each product must be higher than the industry level to ensure that the product reaches a unified standard and quality.
Paper Marking Machine

Paper Marking Machine

Model: 003

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Laser wavelength10.6nm
Laser power 10w/30w/60w/100w/150w/200w
Repetition rate0kHz- 100kHz
Minimum line width 0.12mm
Marking speed≤250 character/s
Marking deepth≤18mm(By materials) 
Repeatability precision ±0.01mm
Cold way Water / air-cooled

* SCM2000 with digital electronics designed and manufactured by SUNER allows outstanding laser beam quality (spot diameter≤0.15 mm) for the best cutting performances up to 400×400 mm working area. high performance dynamic bean-expander actuated by galvanometric motor, enables best in class high marking speed.

* With the Red Light Indication System and CCD Positioning System enables the correct centering of the working path to the real position of the piece in process (optional).

* With U.S.A. Coherent CO2 R.F. Metal Laser Sources(maintenance-free), provide SCM2000 with maximum reliability and high quality performance.

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