Road Marking Machine

Road Marking Machine
Road line Road Marking Machine has the highest quality and perfect performance on highways, airports, parking, road construction, and more. Graco line Road Marking Machine is a unique professional airless road marking system, this system has revolutionized the pave ...

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Marking Method:extrusion, spraying or screeding (change spray gun, extrusion or screeding device)
Material Container Volume material container (pressurized):400L
glass bead container:100L
Air Compressor Delivery Rate:1.5m³/min
Heating Method:LPG infrared burner or fuel energy efficient burner
Heat Preservation Method:heat preservation cotton, or heat transfer oil with heat preservation cotton
Temperature Control Method:auto temperature control
Overall Dimension5300mm(L)×2450mm(W)×2300mm(H)

Apply Field

  • Roads

  • Parking lots

  • Railways

  • Highways

  • Bridges 

  • Tunnels

  • Coal mines 

  • Buildings 

  • other squares and runways to draw different restrictions, guidelines and warnings on the leveling surface.

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