Card Marking Machine

Card Marking Machine
The Pryor PortaDot P5025 is a versatile, lightweight handheld Card Marking Machine with a marking window of 50mm x 25mm. It provides a fast and portable method of dotpeen marking, otherwise known as dot marking. The 4000 Series Controller puts full control of ...

1. Manufactured by the advanced laser technology in current of the world.
2. Suitable for delicate marking, fast speed and high efficiency.
3. Could achieve high speed marking,and control the depth and shape of the facula. High electro-optic conversion efficiency.
4. With red light positioning device accurately indicates the location of the processing of the laser head, eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.
5.Integrated structure, small and compact size, easy for transportation. Long service life, up to 100000 hours.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Marking scope of lensCKD-SMLC-20Optional: 100*100/150*150mmThe smaller the stronger laser when same power of laser source
CKD-SMLC-30Optional: 100*100/150*150/200*200mm
Easy focusingAutomaticallyTwo red dots, focus up or down by buttons
ComputerOptionalComputer language: English as basic, you can choose your language after receiving
Marking SoftwareEzCad2Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japaneseavailable for Windows 7/8/10
Control BoardBJJCZOriginal newest version
RotaryOptionalchuck diameter: 50mmFor jewelry marking
Optionalchuck diameter: 80mmFor cylinder marking
Foot switchStandardOne way of start laser marking convenientlyUseful when batch process

Optical fiber laser Card Marking Machine features and applications on different models Most of the materials, including steel, aluminum and alloy after laser processing, the surface will not appear obvious deformation or damage, to maintain the original appear ...

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