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Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine

Model: 004


1. The higher speed:
High-power fiber laser technology. In addition to 30W, also developed the same type of laser engraving machine maximum power - 100W new air-cooled models, significantly improves the marking speed, improve production efficiency and quality marking.

2. The depth is more suitable for carving:
Traditional scanning methods, performed with laser engraving, getting away from the focus of the working surface, the energy transfer can not fully enter the state. The dynamic marking, engraving during the process and can automatically adjust the focal length of the machined surface with the highest energy density always be engraved.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Laser typeFiber laser
Laser sourceJPT 
GalvanometerCHINA M103 (double red focusing light and alarm lamp)
LensF-Theta lens (100x100mm)
Max Single pulse energy1.25mj0.8mj0.8mj
Pulse duration200ns200ns200ns
Laser beam quality M2<1.8<1.5<1.5
Marking speed8000mm / s
Marking Depth0.01-1mm
ControllerEZCAD software
Control programWINDOWS 7/8/10

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