Metal Marking Machine

Metal Marking Machine
Shop environmentalfriendly 30W integrated fiber laser Metal Marking Machine is applicable for both metal and nonmetallic materials with 100,000 hours working life, FDA ...

> Without Consumables Free Maintenance
The built-in fiber laser source is practically maintenance free and absolutely reliable. Costs for consumables, spare parts or laser machine maintenance do not incur. fiber laser marking system can be used for 8-10 years without any consumables and no need to adjust the laser path.

 > Long Lifetime
Fiber laser marking machine of the lifetime can reach 100,000 hours, so the machine can be used for more then 30 years. The photoelectric conversion has up to 90%, and the whole machine power is under 500w.

 > Simple Operation
The software supports almost all common file formats, do not need to understand any programming language, simply set a few parameters can start marking.

> High Speed Laser Marking
The laser marking machine for metal can reach unto 0.001mm precision, the repositioning accuracy is 0.002mm, while diode only 0.01mm.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

Laser power




  Laser wavelength


  Laser type

 Fiberlaser source

  Max Pulse Energy

0.5m J

  Repeat frequency


  Pulse width

6-250 ns

  Marking depth


  Marking area


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